Workflow 2010: Designing Industry


Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation Scott Marble, instructor, with Julie Jira

Sam Olsen

Final firm diagram.

Live File Diagrams


Standard Project Heirarchy

This is my workflow diagram.

Requires explanation, hopefully.

Sam Olsen Work Diagrams

Here is another Diagram.

This time for my practice, Onwards+Upwards.

Practice Diagram

Updated Firm Diagram as of 12/06/10

Firm Diagrams

Firm Diagram Updated 12/12/10

Standard Project Heirarchy

Thanks for the class!



2 Responses

  1. Sam Olsen says:

    Onwards + Upwards is based on the predilection that every system at play in the AEC industry will continue to get more complex as time goes on. We see our role in managing that complexity. Each conversation had about a project is based on a set of rules and values, only through fully understanding each of these aspects and pushing them to their potential, can a project reach its full potential.
    We feel free to position ourselves as the axis at the center of the Integrated Project Delivery circle, speaking the language of owners, architects and contractors while providing a platform for communication with subcontractors and consultants. O+U also functions as a preconsultant to the design process. Once the choice has been made to build by the owner, O+U swings into motion, helping the owner to prioritize their own aspirations for the construction process, and setting the groundwork for a successful work-flow.
    We have unparalleled expertise in mutually successful IPD contract negotiations, and also are leaders in contract arbitration, should it not be entirely successful.
    Communicating complex ideas with nuance and strategy has always been the goal of O+U. Expertise hard won by experience and cutting edge technology allows us to straighten the path to a successful project by clearly communicating complex solutions to complex problems.

  2. Scott says:

    – Accenture software / plant management
    – This is CASE’s model (Dave)

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