Workflow 2010: Designing Industry


Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation Scott Marble, instructor, with Julie Jira

Kassandra Scheve

Paper Topic: Collaboration and the future effects on Architecture

The collaboration model is a reoccurring theme that comes up.  It would be a way to broaden ideas and build on what architects already do, however architects and/or clients seem uncomfortable with the idea and concepts that would lead to it.

-The collaboration model would help because it would counteract the idea of a “Master Builder”, which no one person can be in this day and age, and instead lead to a master team of builders.

-BIM is a powerful tool that is making it easier to develop this idea, however clients are not yet comfortable with the idea despite being interested.  While it is valuable in the later stages because it can continue to provide information to maintenance teams and owners later in a building’s life, it can also lead to a cleaner and easier method of combining ideas as they develop.  This is a step in the direction for collaboration

-Integrated Project Delivery is another way collaboration is being utilized.  It is similar to BIM in the sense that it can compile everyone’s ideas into one community plan making it easier to communicate ideas to each other and the client.  It also cuts down on time and resources because the repetitive work of redrawing plans is eliminated

-Software and technology is making it easier to collaborate and is making it possible to collaborate internationally


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