Workflow 2010: Designing Industry


Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation Scott Marble, instructor, with Julie Jira

Diagrams – Somewhat Decent Diagrams

Frankly a forgettable diagram aside from the use of the mobius strip / loops on the right-most quarter of the diagram.

How to make the Different Burgers Source: “FADER”


Non-Heirarchical diagram, with fly-outs to indicate different combinations of ingredients. Succeeds because the information is already pretty much understandable to the viewer, it is just being provided in a “menu-like” setting. The colors supposedly coordinate to what sort of “burger eater” you are, which is novel, but the information could also be “BIM’ed” to include caloric content, price, labor involved, ingredient source – etc.

Iterative Diagram useful for showing some sort of correlation or movement between slides. I don’t think that this is terribly useful in our application, but would be useful for diagramming parametric solutions, or rhythms that come with some sort of action. 

This diagram is just awesome. That is all.

Organizational and workflow poster from Disney’s film studio. Date mostly unknown but a relatively famous organizational diagram. Interesting to note the relationships between “Direction” and all of the other elements, as well as the lack of directed organization within the smaller subgroups, perhaps indicating a more free-form approach to work. Also interesting to note the bottom, stating “Note: This Chart Designates Operations Not Authorities”

Evolutionary Diagram showing the relationship / evolution of House and Techno music. My opinion> graphically it is quite clear. The introduction of live graphics and the option to play a sample of each type of music really takes advantage of the web format of this diagram. Interesting to note the yellow squares, their purpose unknown, perhaps music that spontaneously emerged without a host?

Organizational chart of the Hamilton Insurance company, Circa 1924. This is interesting because of the radial nature of the diagram. I think that because it is heirarchically focused on the President rather than in more traditional columns, it may be meant to indicate that the company is more based around the President’s views and values, rather than a more rigid senario.



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