Workflow 2010: Designing Industry


Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation Scott Marble, instructor, with Julie Jira

Anh Minh Ngo


2010 12 15 Practice Diagram_FINAL

2010 12 13 Practice diagram in process:

2010 12 13 amn practice diagram_in progress

2010 12 12 amn Practice Diagram

We are service-focused, not project –focused. We offer building services that expand beyond a merely one-time performance of designing or fabricating a building: we serve our clients with building information.

BIM technology enables us to provide comprehensive building lifecycle services: it allows us to capture and maintain a database of the building that can be used to continuously evaluate the building at different phases.

We focus our expertise primarily on the front and back end aspects of architecture and construction, i.e. the Conception & Planning (C&P) and Maintenance & Operations (M&O) phases. At the C&P phase, we assist our clients with the accumulated in-house intellectual capital, delivering services, such as market analysis, project feasibility, capital planning, initial space programming, workflow design, etc. – an up-front work that directly relates to low life-cycle building costs and reasonable M&O budgets. Through the systems and processes that we designed and know how to operate, we provide M&O services (including leasing) for the life cycle of the very building we have helped to create. We see buildings not as commodities but as processes.

We target clients, not projects. We aspire to perform as a strategic advisor in long-term alliance with clients. Our building lifecycle services encourage ongoing working relationship with our clients, instead of a short-term, project-long only interaction.

We are part of a wider interdisciplinary design network. We build strategic forms of collaboration with developers, architects, designers, artists, engineers, fabricators and builders to foster design excellence and adaptability in our own expanded lifecycle building service. These strategic alliances are crucial throughout the whole lifecycle of a project, but are most central during the design and construction phases.

Compensation & Profit. Alongside design fees, we offer the building database to a client on a fee basis or offer to maintain database and provide an analysis service for a monthly retainer. We also get percentage commission based on the profitability of the building during the M&O phase. In long term we contemplate on kicking in a fee for part of the ownership of projects we believe are architecturally and commercially successful.

2010 11 23 amn Practice Diagram

2010 10 19 amn Studio diagram


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