Workflow 2010: Designing Industry


Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation Scott Marble, instructor, with Julie Jira

Theme 7: Expanding Practice / New Models of Network Practices

What are the future models of architectural practice facilitated by digital communication technologies in the context of increasing specialized information?  Does the ability to establish global networked practices tend toward the consolidation of expertise into large conglomerates or does it favor smaller, independent, more agile practices that join on a per project basis?

Anderson, Chris – The New New Economy- More Startups, Fewer Giants, Infinite Opportunity in Wired 17.06

Jansen, Michael – Worksharing & Woolf, Joe_ Made in Australia (drawn in Vietnam) in Take 5

Hensel, Michael –  Evolving Synergy_ OCEAN Currents, Current OCEANS and Why Networks Must Discplace Themselves in AD Volume 76, Issue 5

Image Credit: Anderson, Chair; The New New Economy – More startups, Fewer Giants, Infinite Opportunity in Wired 17.06


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Theme 6: Automation and the Commodification of Design and Construction

Do the efficiencies of automation of both design and construction change their cultural value? Is this issue different for design and construction? What are the criteria in determining when to automate and when to intuit design ideas? If it can be automated, should it be automated?

Huges, Will_The Future for the Construction Professions in Australia_ in TAKE 5_ Ed. by Paolo Tombesi

Marble, Scott Imagining Risk_ in Building in the Future

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Theme 5: File to Fabrication / The linchpin of Integrating Design and Production

How will file-to-fabrication process change the relationships between architects, fabricators, manufacturers and contractors? Do architects need to be responsible for manufacturing files to benefit from file-to-fabrication processes? If so, what are the new modes of knowledge requires for architects to include this as part of their work?

“Digital Production” by Branko Kolarevic in Architecture in the Digital Age:  Design and Manufacturing edited by Branko Kolarevic

Digital Production

“Size Matters: Digital Manufacturing in Architecture” by Fabian Scheurer in 30/60/90 Volume 12: Dimension
 “Out of Control: Experiments in Participation” by Situ Studio in 30/60/90 Volume 12: Dimension

Size Matters: Digital Manufacturing in Architecture and Out of Control: Experiments in Participation

Image Credit: Situ Studio

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Guest Speakers from Gehry Technologies

Please contribute your thoughts on the Gehry Technologies workflow and the projects they presented.

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